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How We Test

Best 10 Prop Firms Methodology


Best 10 Prop Firms is an online prop trading company reviews platform. We focus on reviewing the leading companies within the prop trading industry by including all the most critical characteristics. Our priority is to provide you with accurate information and ultimately help you find the Proprietary Trading Firm that will suit your personal requirements.


We review each Proprietary Trading Firm based on the exact same criteria to evaluate all the necessary characteristics of each company perfectly.

Evaluation Formula


We evaluate four critical characteristics of each Proprietary Trading Firm.


Reviewed Characteristic Explanation of Importance
Trading Rules

We meticulously evaluate the terms and conditions of every proprietary trading firm, saving you the effort of delving into the details yourself! In each review, we extensively outline the regulations pertaining to every account type offered by prop firms. This guarantees that even the subtle or hidden rules are revealed for your comprehensive understanding.

Program Costs

We methodically evaluate the fees charged by each proprietary trading firm as a critical aspect of our evaluation process. This includes conducting a thorough examination of any challenge-related expenses. The significance of this assessment is in offering potential traders a clear understanding of the financial implications associated with trading with a specific firm. Through rigorous fee evaluation, we enable traders to make informed decisions, ensuring they select a proprietary trading partner that matches their financial objectives and preferences.


We methodically evaluate community feedback for each proprietary trading firm, a crucial step in our evaluation. This involves analyzing reviews, testimonials, and discussions across platforms to understand users’ firsthand experiences. This testing provides valuable insights into the firm’s reliability, customer service, and performance, empowering prospective traders with diverse perspectives. Integrating community feedback enriches our assessment, enabling informed decisions based on shared experiences within the trading community.


We conduct thorough evaluations of each customer support channel through firsthand interactions carried out at different times. This extensive assessment encompasses various communication mediums such as live chat, social media platforms, email, and phone. Our meticulous testing guarantees a comprehensive grasp of the responsiveness, effectiveness, and overall quality of customer support services across diverse channels.



Our values


Best 10 Prop Firms’ primary mission is to provide assistance to traders who are looking to find a reliable Proprietary Trading Firm. Our review process is built on the following characteristics:


  • 1. Committed to maintaining uncompromising integrity, we operate independently, guaranteeing that our rating remains uninfluenced by any association with proprietary trading entities.
  • 2. We apply consistent standards in our evaluations of proprietary trading companies, providing entirely impartial assessments of the industry’s most reliable prop trading organizations.
  • 3. Prioritizing transparency, our ratings are solely derived from our firsthand experiences with the proprietary trading firms under review.
  • 4. As previously emphasized, our thorough reviews are founded on the firsthand experiences of our analysts, illustrating that we construct the reviews through active trading with each individual prop trading company.



We are eager to hear your feedback! Let us know if you have questions or remarks about our reviewing

methodology. Get in touch at support@best10propfirms.com.