Exclusive: Charles Ohakwe’s Interview with FundedNext

In a recent exclusive interview with FundedNext, Charles Ohakwe provided a deep dive into his trading approach.

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In a recent exclusive interview with FundedNext, Charles Ohakwe, a seasoned forex prop trader from Nigeria, provided a deep dive into his trading approach, strategies, and journey. With a background in Industrial Physics and a trading journey that began in 2021, Charles has emerged as a valuable member of the FundedNext team.

Charles specializes in the GBPUSD pair, employing a day trading strategy that occasionally extends to two days. His focus lies in technical analysis, where he leverages PriceAction, trend lines, and psychological levels to make informed decisions. His meticulous approach involves reviewing Daily (D) and 4-hour (H4) timeframes before honing in on the 15-minute (M15) timeframe for precise entries.

From Physics to Forex: Charles Ohakwe’s Interview with FundedNext

Charles relies on identifying M and W patterns as entry points, showcasing a keen eye for market trends. He maintains a risk-reward ratio of 1:4 or 1:5, a testament to his commitment to sound risk management practices. Typically trading twice a day, Charles navigates the London and New York sessions. He risks 0.5%-1% per trade, ensuring a balanced and disciplined approach to his trading endeavors.

During the interview, Charles emphasized the importance of discipline in trading, considering it a critical component for success. He encourages traders to focus on honing their skill set and consistently follow their strategies and setups. Charles revealed that, based on his experience, lack of discipline has been the primary source of failures in his past trading endeavors.

As a member of the FundedNext team, Charles expressed satisfaction with the platform’s services, praising its commission structure and spreads. However, he proposed introducing a guide and protector feature, suggesting a daily stop loss on the dashboard as a means to enhance discipline and risk management for traders.

Closing Remarks

FundedNext remains dedicated to supporting traders like Charles. They are fostering a community where skill enhancement and disciplined trading practices lead to long-term success. Stay tuned for more insights, strategies, and success stories from the vibrant world of forex trading with FundedNext. Happy trading!

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