FundedNext Trader, Lay, Reveals Successful Strategy in Interview

In a recent interview, Lay Jaisinghani, a prominent trader associated with FundedNext, shared insights into his trading journey.

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In a recent interview, Lay Jaisinghani, a prominent trader associated with FundedNext, shared insights into his trading journey and revealed a successful strategy based on Smart Money Concepts (SMC).

Jaisinghani, known for his expertise in equities trading, emphasized a focused approach to trading gold and US30 due to their favorable volatility and directional movements. He highlighted the importance of simplicity, citing supply and demand as key concepts that have significantly influenced his trading strategy.

The trader, who hails from the UK, discussed his evolution from experimenting with various strategies, including breakouts and EMAs, to discovering the power of SMC. Jaisinghani expressed gratitude to his mentor, Zan Mless from ZM Capital, for introducing him to a strategy that aligns with his personality and preferences.

FundedNext Trader, Lay, Reveals Successful Trading Strategy in Interview

Detailing his SMC approach, Jaisinghani outlined the significance of analyzing daily and 4-hour charts to identify overall market direction. He emphasized the importance of imbalance and liquidity, pinpointing specific zones through indecisive candles on 15-minute charts for entry signals.

During the interview, Jaisinghani showcased a recent trade on gold, highlighting a buy setup based on his SMC strategy. He explained that he prefers to buy limits for US30 and occasionally trades manually for gold, depending on the change of character observed in one-minute charts.

Discussing risk management, Jaisinghani shared his strategy of targeting the last lows or highs and closing trades without partials. He expressed a newfound willingness to explore partial closures in 2024, acknowledging the potential benefits.

As the interview delved into trading psychology, Jaisinghani reflected on the evolution of his trading style and the importance of adapting to market conditions. He acknowledged the challenges of trading during low volatility periods in the foreign exchange market.

Closing Remarks

As the community looks forward to the evolution of Jaisinghani’s strategies and insights, it reinforces the notion that adaptability and disciplined methodologies are key to navigating the dynamic landscape of trading markets. FundedNext continues to provide a supportive environment for traders, fostering a culture where individualized strategies can flourish. Jaisinghani’s experiences and wisdom shed light on the potential for traders to thrive when armed with a clear and personalized approach to the markets.

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