Trading Odyssey: Thor in Finotive Funding Interview

In a riveting episode of the Finotive Funding Interview Series, Thor, a seasoned trader, divulged captivating details about his journey.

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In an episode of the Finotive Funding Interview Series, Thor, a seasoned trader, divulged captivating details about his trading journey. Thor, a former carpenter turned avid trader, recounted his serendipitous introduction to the world of trading in October 2022. Despite initial setbacks and a steep learning curve, Thor’s perseverance and dedication propelled him towards remarkable success.

“I heard about trading one night, and I just decided that this is something that I want to do. It’s either this or nothing,” remarked Thor, reflecting on his decisive leap into the trading world.

With unwavering determination, Thor delved into the intricacies of trading, honing his skills through demo accounts and relentless self-study. His journey was characterized by highs and lows, from the exhilaration of his first funded account to the humbling experience of losses.

“I felt invincible at times,” confessed Thor, recalling the heady days of early success. “But I soon realized the importance of discipline and risk management.”

Trading Odyssey: Thor in Finotive Funding Interview

Thor’s trading strategy revolves around meticulous analysis of market trends and patterns. He favors volatile assets like gold, likening the experience to navigating turbulent seas—a perfect fit for his adventurous spirit.

“I’m looking at channels because I see repetitive patterns; history repeats itself 100%,” explained Thor, shedding light on his analytical approach.

Moreover, Thor emphasized the paramount importance of risk management in trading. With a steadfast commitment to limiting risks to 1% of his capital, Thor ensures prudent decision-making and safeguards against potential losses.

“I’m very glad for every failure that I’ve encountered because every failure is experienced,” remarked Thor, offering sage advice to novice traders. “Double your time, learn from your mistakes, and never lose sight of your goals.”

Closing Remarks

As the interview drew to a close, Thor expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share his insights and experiences with fellow traders. His journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, resilience, and continuous learning in the dynamic world of trading.

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